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SLO Bytes is a PC Users Group dedicated to educating its members in the use of personal computers, digital devices and software. We also enjoy food and fellowship with like-minded computer geeks and geekettes.

SLO Bytes Monthly Meeting

We meet on the first Sunday of each month.
Our next General Meeting takes place on Date September 3rd 2017 from 12:45-3:30 pm

Our meeting place has changed.
We now meet at
The SLO Guild Hall
2880 Broad Street
San Luis Obispo

Map available at www.slobytes.org/slo-guild-map.html

The First Session will feature Alan Raul moderating a Questions and Answers session from 12:45-2:00 pm.
We will break for cookies, coffee and socializing at 2:00

At 2:30, bring your smartphone, tablet and laptop with you to the Second Session. We will then break into small groups and attempt to answer your questions about your specific device.
Here are some of the topics
1. Create a bootable USB Linux flash drive
    Bring a USB flash drive of 2GB or greater - the faster the better
    Specify the Linux distribution you want to have installed

2. Create shortcuts on your Laptop or tablet which go to your preferred webmail provider i.e. Charter, Yahoo, etc. in lieu of using an e-mail client.
We will try and match you with a person with the skillset you require to assist you at the meeting.
Read Alan Raul's post regarding the Second Session on the SLO Bytes Bulletin Board at http://slobytes.org/smf/index.php?topic=46.0
Contact Alan directly at alan at alanraul.com or use the Bulletin Board to suggest additional topics.

Learn more about our group here.
You will find a membership application at www.slobytes.org/memberapplication.html

SIGs - (Special Interest Groups)

For information about the Linux SIG meeting time and location, see www.slolug.com

For information about the Digital Photography SIG meeting time and location see www.slobytes.org/digital/

Bulletin Board
The SLO Bytes Bulletin Board is located at http://slobytes.org/smf/index.php?board=1.0 Its content is viewable by all but you must be registered to post or reply to posts.
Contact ralph@rsutter.com to have him register on your behalf.
Learn how to change your password at

SLO Bytes Club Officers - Contact Information

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