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Presenters' Notes

Webmaster's NOTE: This page contains links provided by our presenters to handouts and resources that they mentioned during their presentation to SLO Bytes.

The listings on this page do not necessarily indicate a SLO Bytes endorsement.

Alan Raul: Presenter at the First Session of each SLO Bytes General Meeting
Link Archive

Gene Barlow: Acronis Products for hard drive organization, backup and security
User Group Store

David B. Whittle: Muvee video editing software, PhotoVista image editing software
Webworking Services Web Site

Kyle Wiens: Tools for computer and electronics repair, Apple parts, extensive library of repair manuals for computers, phones and beyond

Bob Gostischa: Avast Security Software
Links to Bob's October 6, 2012 presentation

Jere Minich Cloud Computing; Presentation notes for Jere's May 5, 2013 presentation
     Cloud Computing - PDF Version (788kb download)
     Cloud Computing - PowerPoint Version (1.3Mb download)
     Cloud Computing - RTF Version (98Kb download)

Jim and Chris Guid; Geeks on Tour
     Picasa and Picasa Web Handout
     Picasa Basics Webinar
     Technology for Travelers Handout; Presentation April 6, 2014

Urgent Computer Guys; presenters at the September 1, 2013 General Session.
Learn more at

Judy Taylour Free Software Handout and Free Software Table

Ralph Sutter Secure Password Management Applications

Ralph Sutter PortableApps

Link to table of SLO Bytes Second Session presentations

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