The SLO Bytes Photography Group serves the general San Luis Obispo County areas of the California Central Coast. We are a Special Interest Group of the SLO Bytes PC Users Group; SLO Bytes
The members are digital photographers and computer enthusiasts. Our meetings are normally held via Zoom on the second Sunday of each month at 2:00 pm.

The next meeting will take place on June 16th 2024 beginning at 2:00 pm via Zoom
The topic will be Macro Photography

Meeting of 05/19/2024
TOPIC: Learn Something and Share
The meeting began with Alan Raul sharing links that are posted on the SLO Bytes Digital Photography website at

Alan commented on the free video editing program, Davinci Resolve from Black Magic Design. He used the program to demonstrate some of its capabilities. Particularly impressive was its new editing app for the iPhone.
He then showed how to use Adobe Photoshop's sky replacement adding some of his own skies to enhance images of Pismo Beach.
Next, Raul commented that it is now possible to use an iPhone as a portable scanner for a MAC computer.

Continuing with the Davinci Resolve theme, Ralph Sutter used that program to create a video of him turning a screwdriver handle on a wood lathe and then fluting it with a homemade jig.
Finally, Ralph demonstrated focus stacking by combining 6 images into one resulting in a shot looking down a long hallway with every foot of the corridor in focus.

Kaye Raul also showed focus stacking. Her subject was flower arrangements. Kaye mentioned that there will be a free Lightroom Summit from MAY 20 - 24, 2024. Register at

The topic for June will be Macro Photography. The meeting will take place via Zoom on June 16th, beginning at 2:00 pm, one week later than normal.
The meeting schedule for the remainder of 2024 is as follows.

  July 14
  August 11
  September 8
  October 13
  November 10
  December 8

See the Links page; for tutorials and other resources

Ralph Sutter