The SLO Bytes Photography Group serves the general San Luis Obispo County areas of the California Central Coast. We are a Special Interest Group of the SLO Bytes PC Users Group; SLO Bytes
The members are digital photographers and computer enthusiasts. Our meetings are normally held via Zoom on the second Sunday of each month at 2:00 pm.

The next meeting will take place on July 14th 2024 beginning at 2:00 pm via Zoom
The topic will be Curves

Meeting of 06/16/2024
TOPIC: Macro Photography
The meeting began with Ralph Sutter sharing the link to a presentation on SD Cards that he posted to the Digital Photography website at

While Stanford Brown was out of town and couldn't join in today's photo session, he submitted five macro images. They included watch faces, rocks, fruit and tree bark

Ralph Sutter followed with closeups of leaves, orchids, microphones and frozen vegetables. Ralph commented that it was far easier to do macro photography with a smart phone than with a traditional camera at little or no sacrifice in image quality.

John Waller offered closeups of evaporated salt, mustard plants, Dandelions and Queen Anne's Lace.

Kaye Raul
alternating between a smart phone and a Sony camera, focused on tight shots of sand dollars, scallops, building blocks, and artistic ash trays.

Alan Raul , again switching between phone and camera, shared flowers, rocks, stucco surfaces and objects found on beach sand.

The topic for July 14th will be Curves. The meeting will take place via Zoom beginning at 2:00 pm,
The meeting schedule for the remainder of 2024 is as follows.

  August 11
  September 8
  October 13
  November 10
  December 8

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Ralph Sutter