Photoshop Training Aids

From Adobe
Adobe Photoshop Elements Help

Photoshop Elements Toolbox Overview; Page 37-Adobe Photoshop Elements Help

Photoshop Elements Visual Dictionary

Videos from Other Sources
Blending Modes Explained - Photoshop Youtube Tutorial

Photoshop Training Channel; free short video tutorials on numerous Photoshop skills

Additional Resources
Photoshop Blending Modes Chart

Elements+ Help Files; Extensive help files for the Photoshop Elements add-on, Elements+

Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts

Beezix Photoshop Elements 14 Quick Reference Guide

Tutorials on Hair Selection
How to make/refine precise selections; Adobe YouTube Video

Refine Edge Selection Brush; YouTube Video

How To Select Hair in Photoshop CC 2015.5; YouTube Video

Fine-Tuning with the Refine Selection Brush in Photoshop Elements 14; Photoshop Elements 14 for Dummies; Advanced-How to select hair


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