Replace Color in Adobe Photoshop Elements

The Replace Color command replaces a specific color in an image.

You can set the hue, saturation, and lightness of the replacement color.

Choose Enhance > Adjust Color > Replace Color.

Select a display option under the image thumbnail:

Option One - Selection
Displays the mask, which looks like a black and white version of the image, in the preview box.

Option Two - Image
Displays the image in the Preview box. This option is useful when you are working with a magnified image or have limited screen space.

Click the Color Picker button, and then click the color you want to change in the image or in the Preview box.

Use the Color Picker + Tool to add colors, or use the Color Picker tool to remove colors to keep them from changing.

Drag the Fuzziness slider to control the degree to which related colors are included in the selection.

Do one of the following to specify a new color:
Drag the Hue, Saturation, and Lightness sliders (or enter values in the text boxes).

Click the Results box and specify a new color in the Color Picker, then click OK.

To cancel your changes and start over, hold down Alt (Option in Mac OS), and click Reset.